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Urban elegance with a slight touch of psychedelic femininity and refreshing cuts are the basis of the Berlin based fashion label GLAW.


Nostalgic elements of times gone by reflect the diverse artistic sources of inspiration of founders Jesko Wilke and Maria Poweleit who got to know each other at the fashion school ESMOD in Berlin.


After having graduated in 2011 both decided to join their creative forces to create the high-end fashion label Glaw which portrays their vision of 21st century women’s clothing honing in on a cross between female power and fragileness.


GLAW puts a strong emphasis on wearability and diversity, which is expressed by the fact that the brand addresses a wide range of female consumers from all ages.


Luxury materials and high quality manufacturing standards explain the brands positioning in the high-price segment.
GLAW is driven by complexity and feminist ambivalence and leaves room for interpretation.


It is exactly what you think it is. GLAW.